37 students in University of Abuja win scholarship

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      At least 37 students at Abuja University have received an award from the federal government to pay tuition fees. Students cover a wide range of departments including business administration, English, geography, medicine, electrical engineering, sociology, economics, veterinary medicine, public administration, and theater arts.

The staff of the Deputy Chancellor, Professor Abdul-Rashid Na’Allah, introduced staff from the Ministry of Education through which scholarships were awarded to his office on Monday 24 January 2021.

Ms. Akoh Pauline said a different amount of money between N 200,000 and N 250,000 would be paid to the winners. He said: “Out of the several thousand students who took the exam in 2020, these students were among the successful ones. We have to tell students that this scholarship is genuine. Successful students receive N 250,000, Masters students N 300,000 while Ph.D. students take N380, 000

To get this scholarship, you have to register, take exams and pass, ”said Pauline. The Deputy Chancellor, Professor Abdul-Rashid Na’Allah, praised the students for their hard work and success and said they made the university proud. He said: “We are very happy and proud of you.

This is the recognition it deserves. You played well. I have to say that the great UofA Nigeria is very proud of you. We will continue to encourage you to excel in pursuing your various endeavors. “I want you to know that in addition to this federal scholarship there are others to apply for. 

We will make it available to you so you can try your luck. The university also provides research grants through the University Research Council. If you continue to work hard you will find that there are many ways to beat yourself. “

Dean of Student Affairs Dr. Abubakar Umar Kari said Professor Abdul-Rashid N’Allah’s administration strives to help outstanding students receive scholarships from individuals and organizations, among others. 

Babatunde Samuel would like to thank the Federal Government, Deputy Chancellors, and teachers for their support on behalf of scholarship holders. “We are also very proud of this university and will continue to do our best to promote it,” he said.

You can visit their official website here to see the photo of the students. 

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