The University of Ilorin opens hostels as the students begin phased resumption

When Ilorin University started the phased physical continuation of academic activities in stages this Monday (25 January 2021), management has announced renovation of student dormitories/hostels.
According to the four-phase re-admission plan, students with incomplete exams from semester 1 are expected to be accepted back on January 25, 2021 to complete their failed exams. Last year’s undergraduate and postgraduate students were expected to enter campus on Monday February 1, 2021, while students with level 100 were expected to re-enter on February 15, 2021.
And on March 1, 2021, all other students were expected to be on campus. Dean of Student Affairs Prof. LT In a chat with the Unilorin bulletin last Wednesday (20 January 2021), prof. Ajibade said that the right steps were being taken to make the hostels “hostels” open from Sunday 24 January 2021. open, and assured them of good times.
It should be noted that previously the Student Affairs Department published guidelines for all dormitories/hostels both school and private dormitories/hostel.
A statement entitled Reopening Dormitories On Campus states: “In addition to gradually opening the university for physical activity, students, especially dormitories, must be informed that dormitories must be opened as follows: January 24, 2021 for those whose exams have not been completed, and for S2 and S3 students on January 31, 2021
“He advised students to bring a minimum of five face masks that can be reused and avoid crowds at all costs,” he added. will be allowed into dormitories as long as the dormitory remains locked.
“Prof. Ajibade announced that management has provided a form to fill out online and required information including the name of the student, the name of the block in the dormitory, their room number and exam number to find out the categories of students taking the exam in different dormitories.
The Dean said that until Wednesday (January 20, 2021) the Student Affairs Department had received more than 4,000 forms for registered students who were expected to take the superior exam.
prof.Ajibade also stated that the number of students expected to return to his dormitory for the exam would not be large as not all student categories had incomplete written exams, adding that students therefore proceed in batches. protect against actions that could interfere with efforts to limit the spread of COVID-19 on campus.
He urged hostel owners and managers to be careful with the movement of students in his dormitory, adding that any of them who are sick should notify the university administration in time and be asked to leave the and gather for every meeting so far.
The dean also emphasized that any sick student should notify university management and stay home to receive virtual lectures. If such a student missed the exam at all, the university would hold an exam for him.
“Students who experience symptoms of illness are advised not to enter campus and report through the faculty dean of student affairs. Those who come must act RESPONSIBLY for the safety of all.” Prof. Ajibade said.

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