Ajayi crowther university has gotten approval from(NUC) to offer more undergraduate and postgraduate courses

Ajaya Crowther University in Oyo is accredited to deliver six undergraduate programs and one new postgraduate program through the National University Commission (NUC) verification exercise in the university.
Director of Research Planning at the NUC, Dr. NB Saliu contains a signed letter stating that the university can now engage in this new courses at the undergraduate level;
Medical laboratory research,
Peace research and conflict resolution,
Radiography and radiation,
Geo-informatics and surveying.
This institution is also authorized by law to offer LLM degree in law.
Ajayi crowther University’s Deputy Chancellor, Prof. Timothy Adebayo, was satisfied with the accreditation and said the university now offers more opportunities for prospective students. Students with JAMB results who wish to benefit from new undergraduate programs in Agriculture, Entrepreneurship, Geo-informatics and surveying, Peace Research and Conflict Resolution. Aspirants encouraged to apply to the universities for current admissions exercises.
With the approval of the new courses, Ajayi crowther university currently has 41 undergraduate and 14 graduate programs.

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