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Kwara state Government announces the cutoff mark for Teacher’s employment

The Kwara state government announced it would limit the current recruitment of teachers at the State Council for Universal Primary Education (SUBEB) and the Teaching Services Commission (TESCOM).

A total of 40,652 candidates have written up-to-date examinations for both departments (SUBEB and TESCOM).

The SUBEB threshold is 50% for the Kwara indigenous people from all 16 local government areas, except (candidates from) Baruten, Edu, Kaiama, and Patigi, whose cutoff mark are set at 40%. The limit for non-Koran in the SUBEB category is 60%.

Similarly, Kwara candidates who have a score of 50% in the TESCOM category must go through the results review stage, but candidates who have posted 40% from Baruten, Edu, Kaiama, and Patigi in that category will also receive their results for the interview. The threshold value for non-Kwara TESCOM candidates is 65%.

“This layoff is the result of in-depth discussions between various education stakeholders based on the number of applicants, their scores in the CBT (exams), and considerations of underdeveloped regions, without automatically rejecting acceptable skill levels,” he said. in a statement.

Of the 40,652 who took the exam at 16 CBT centers, only 9,991 candidates reached the threshold and therefore qualified for the results of practice exams for both categories.

The data includes 5116 (SUBEB candidates) and 4875 (TESCOM candidates).

Only applicants whose certificates prove valid in the exam will be invited to the interview stage, which starts on March 15, 2021, the statement said.


Applicants are expected to go along with original and photocopies of their certificate to the interview.

Applicants must not be late on the date of the interview as lateness can cause disqualification.

Applicants must not tender any counterfeit or manipulated certificate during the interview.

Any applicant that fails to show up on the day of the interview is an automatic disqualified.


Dress appropriately. The clothing you choose will have a significant impact on your impression of the interviewer and your interview results, Keep your hair tidy, avoid bad hairstyle, Sit down correctly, let the interviewer speaks make a great impression.

Communicate clearly and enthusiastically about your experiences and skills. You should be proud of your accomplishments. Be professional, let your personality shine. Wish you best of luck!

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