NYSC 2021 Online registration dates for batch “A” 2021

This is to inform the Prospective Corps members that NYSC online registration portal will open for registration on Wednesday 3 March 2021. Prospective corps members must ensure that they have a valid and working email address to access and a Nigerian (GSM) phone number to register.

How to sign up for NYSC online registration 2021.
Graduates must visit the address of the NYSC online registration portal using the link below.
If you are registering for the first time, click on “Mobilization Account A, 2021” and then on the “New Registration” link. The verification link only applies to Batch B mobilized in 2020 and previous groups, but they do not go to orientation camps. If you have previously registered and have not completed your registration or application, do not create a new account.
Instead, click “Sign in here” to continue your registration with your previous username and password. Fingerprints are not sent through a proxy server. Make sure the passport photo you upload is very clear. Write down the username and password you used to register online. Check the document before sending it to avoid misinformation during the NYSC online registration.
Only corps members who wish to receive their phone number via SMS and print their phone number online will have to pay a total of three thousand naira (N3,000.00).
Prospective corps members who do not wish to pay N3,000.00 have the option of going to school for a number and a call sign. Prospective Corps members must use an appropriate connection to the dashboard during NYSC online registration.
Name corrections;
I. Misspelled
ii. Change of name
I, I, I. Change of name
iv. Add a name
v. Remove the name
The correct date of birth.
Qualification correction.
Degree setting.
Adaptation of a training course.

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