UNILORIN hostel reopening for 100 level and other students

In line with previous announcements about plans to fully reopen the hostel for UNILORIN 100 level and other students, once the situation improves significantly, especially as it impacts the regular electricity and water supply on campus, please note that a fully hostel re-opening would look something like this:
(i) Level 100 Students – effective Monday, 1 March 2021, 12:00
(ii) Students 200 and 300: enter the living room starting Saturday 6 March 2021.
Note that students are expected to have at least 5 reusable face masks and avoid crowded areas.
Please note that visitors are not allowed to enter the hostel while the public spaces are still locked.
Students with symptoms of illness are encouraged not to attend campus and to temporarily make full use of virtual classrooms. Those who enter the dormitory must act RESPONSIBLE for the safety of all.

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