University of Benin (UNIBEN) introduces a new policy on the campus

As the University of Benin continues today, February 1, 2021, it was announced a ban on the sale of bread and bottled water not made by the university.
Water produced by the UNIBEN bakery on the main campus of Ugbowo University must be sold on campus.
The University task force Bakery and Water Working Group will monitor and enforce the ban. The statement also instructed security guards and porters at the hostel to ensure compliance as penalties were imposed for violating policy.
The university warns in its updated “Rules and Regulations” manual for resident students not to sell or move beds in hostel heaters, refrigerators, curling irons, microwaves, gas.
The university also warns about fighting, theft, and activities such as shouting, loud music disturbing others, confining visitors to living rooms in public areas (between 4 and 6 pm per day), and changing writing or posting bills on walls, wood, poles. electricity. , etc., using bright lights as candles and forging door locks.

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