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FUOYE announces a new deadlines date for school fees payment, 2019/2020 academic session

Federal University of Oye Ekiti Announcement Board.
FUOYE has announced a new deadline for returning students to pay their school fees.
According to management, the due date for school fees for returning students is March 6, 2021. FUOYE has extended the deadline for School fees payment, and Students should take note of it and comply with it.
RRR Generation (Remita Taking Reference)
Whatever you want to do on remita.net, you’ll need your unique code. Why? This RRR code will help you track transactions if something goes wrong.
Also, because Remita is used for many types of payments and collections by private, state, and federal agencies, RRR codes help identify transactions.
How do I get my Remita collection reference number:
Click the Pay State FGN and TSA icon (if that’s what you want to do).
Select the Federal Government of Nigeria (if the institution is owned by the federal government)
A new tab will open on your screen where you can enter the name of the institution eg. Ibadan University.
Choose a payment destination, eg. B. “User Interface Fees”.
Enter the required amount and information as shown Payment amount: enter the amount
Payer Name: Enter the name of the student
Payer’s Phone Number: Enter the student’s phone number.
Payer Email: Please enter a valid email address
Click Next to generate RRR code automatically
The RRR code will be displayed on your screen.
Enter the RRR
Paid bills, paid Remita’s school fees, paid Remita’s school fees, paid federal government authorities, paid for the MDGs
How to pay School fee with Remita
To pay directly on the same page after entering your details and generating the RRR,
Select the payment method you want, fill in the required details, and click Submit.
After you make a payment to the bank, you can return by copying the reference number for your Remita collection and clicking Print Invoice
Your RRR PIN will be sent to the phone number given above.
If your school wants a bank payment, choose the branch bank option, and go to a commercial bank to make payments.
Remita accepts payments by ATM card (Mastercard, Visa, or Verve), internet banking, or mobile wallet (Paga / Pocketmoni).
Remita also creates electronic invoices, which are also sent to your email address
To pay later by electronic invoice, go to www.remita.net, select the “Pay Invoice” icon, select the “Pay Electronic Invoice” option, enter the RRR, fill in the required information, and click you click “Submit”.
You can also use the RRR code to pay at any commercial and microfinance bank around the country. Remita issues an electronic receipt for every successful transaction.

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