ASSU STRIKE: Federal Government cannot meet ASSU demands

The federal government is puzzled by recent announcements from university academic staff that they will strike again just four months after the end of ten months of industrial operations.

The government said any person conceiving a strike after close to one year of downing tools would be doing a disservice to students “because the government is a continuum.”

Minister of State for Education Chukvuemeka Nwadzhiuba, who said that in an interview with Sunday PUNCH, said it was difficult for the government to regulate the lives of more than 200 million people on less than $ 70 million a day. He said: “Anyone who plans to strike after up to a year of strikes is hurting the students because the government is a continuum.

“I never supported strikes. I believe, however, that people should hold their demands responsibly. It is the government’s responsibility to keep encouraging them.

He said, “It depends on the style of the demands; some of them are what the government can do now, some can be what the government can do later.

“I’m sure you’re aware of the revenue base of the country – 1.5 million barrels are sold. It is hard to run the lives of over 200 million people with less than $70m a daily revenue. It is surprising that the President still managed to keep the nation afloat.

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