Nigerian Navy shortlists the names of the successful Candidates for the SSCE category

The Nigerian Navy has released the list of successful candidates for Short Service Commission SSC Course 28. The Navy informs applicants who sat for its SSC Aptitude test.

Kindly read the Nigerian Navy SSC Interview requirements below;

1) The candidates listed below are successfully the Nigerian Naval Short service commission aptitude test held at each division in all states, from December 12, 2020.


The successful applicants must report to each of their zones as in the list. The candidates, whose names are listed below, passed the Nigerian Navy Selection Test 2020 on 12 December 2020. Candidates are to attend the interview at Naval College in Ojo (Naval City), Lagos, or Borokiri Port Harcourt School in Nigeria, Harcourt, Rivers State. Interviews will be conducted simultaneously in two centers from 1 to 16 April 2021. Interviews include screening/review of testimonials/certificates, as well as medical/physical and written tests. Applicants must provide the following items:


a. Originals and photocopies of their credentials.


b. Originals and photocopies of valid Drivers’ Licence (Category H only).


c. Original and photocopy of State of Origin/LGA certificate.


d . National Identity Card/Acknowledgment Slip.


e . Writing materials.


f. Two pairs of navy blue shorts and 2 white (unmarked) T-Shirts.


g. A pair of canvas/trainers and stockings.


h. Bed sheets and pillowcases.


i. Set of cutlery.


Read of cutlery.

2. Applicants are interviewed individually. If one of the applicants is found not meeting the eligibility criteria, their application will be terminated at any stage of the interview. 


3. If a candidate’s information/explanation is found to be untrue at any point during the entire selection process, their application will be canceled and he or she may be submitted to the Nigerian Police for possible prosecution. 


4. Failure to provide accurate information about their medical history during the selection process, as provided for in the medical screening program, will result in automatic termination and dismissal, even if they are already on duty.


 5. Applicants must take part in interviews at a specific center in the following order in their state of origin check below;

a. Nigerian Navy Secondary School Ojo Navy Town Lagos Batch A. Thursday 1 – Thursday 8 April 2021.


(1) Abia.

(2) Bauchi.

(3) Cross River.

(4) Ekiti.

(5) Edo.

(6) Imo.

(7) Katsina.

(8) Lagos.

(9) Ondo.

(10) Zamfara.


b. Batch B. Friday 9 – Friday 16 April 2021.


(1) Akwa Ibom.

(2) Benue.

(3) Ebonyi.

(4) FCT.

(5) Kaduna.

(6) Kwara.

(7) Niger.

(8) Oyo.

(9) Taraba.


c. Nigerian Navy Secondary School Borokiri Port Harcourt Rivers Batch A. Thursday 1 – Thursday 8 April 2021.


(1) Adamawa.

(2) Bayelsa.

(3) Delta.

(4) Enugu.

(5) Jigawa.

(6) Kebbi.

(7) Nasarawa.

(8) Osun.

(9) Sokoto.


d. Batch B. Friday 9 – Friday 16 April 2021.


(1) Anambra.

(2) Borno.

(3) Gombe.

(4) Kano.

(5) Kogi.

(6) Ogun.

(7) Plateau.

(8) Rivers.

(9) Yobe.


6. Any candidate who fails to report for screening at the specified centre for their State of Origin on the stipulated date for his/her Batch will forfeit his/her will be disqualified.


7. All concerned are to note and comply accordingly.


1) Successful applicants should start to examine their body fitness, medical fitness, and psychology fitness starting from now.


2) Candidates should caution their intake of alcohol and should halt smoking, because it may lead to disqualification during depot training.


3) Candidates with potbelly may be disqualified, so it is important to get rid of them. Start doing exercises like sit-ups, jumping jacks, and Burpees, etc.


4) 3.5km race or more is one of the training exercises, practicing jogging starting from now is not a big deal, it will surely boost your endurance capacity.


5) Determination and Endurance are the best, to overcome the challenges you will encounter during training you will need them. So stay focus and bear in mind that you will make it once you determine.


You can view or download the full PDF file below.


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