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UNILAG has a new Deputy Vice-Chancellor

Professor Ayodele Atsenuwa from the Department of Public Law is the new Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Development Services) at the University of Lagos UNILAG.

At the Senate law meeting on Monday, March 29, 2021, she was elected via an electronic voting process with 81 votes (63.28%).

Professor Ayodele Atsenuwa is a Professor of Public Law at the University of Lagos School of Law. Her teaching and research interests are broad, covering criminal and justice law, human rights law, gender and law, law and religion, and health and migration. At the Law Academy, she is widely recognized for his initiatives to bridge the gap between undergraduate law and legal practice, and for her efforts to develop law courses that are more developmentally oriented in terms of both content and teaching methodology.

Beyond the university system, Professor Atsenuwa has done a lot in bridging the gap between legal theory and practice and in promoting sustainable development in Africa through her leadership responsibilities. As a member of the Institute of Directors (IOD), she has served on the board of directors of various institutions and organizations, including the Center for Legal Research and Resource Development, CLEEN Foundation, the Civil Society Trust, Partnership for Justice, the Girls’ Power Initiative and the Society’s Open Initiative. West Africa, National AIDS Control Agency, Nigerian Legal Education Council, State Office of the Public Defender in Lagos, State Advisory Council for the Privilege of Mercy in Lagos, National Advisory Council for APRM-NEPAD, and the NBA Working Group on the Northeast.

She has consulted with various international development Organisation including the United Nations, European Union, UK-DFID / British Council, United States Agency for International Development, Ford Foundation and MacArthur Foundation.

Professor Ayodele Atsenuwa was the past dean of the Law School and enters her new office with significant administration and public service experience.

Her appointment will last two (2) years and has taken effect on Monday, 29 March 2021.

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