UNILAG starts scheduling Post-graduate Candidates for the 2020/2021 Qualification Exams

The University of Lagos, the postgraduate school’s qualification exam, is scheduled for Wednesday, March 10.

You are expected to log in using the link below with your application number as your username and your surname in lowercase as your password.


The test duration is 30 minutes.

Exam instructions

1. This is a competitive qualification test. Applicants must present themselves. Applicants are advised to have a reliable internet connection before taking the online proficiency test.

2. Your activities during proficiency testing will be monitored and recorded. Applicants must try the test using a device with the webcam and microphone enabled. (For the best experience, cell phones are not recommended.)

3. Applicants are prohibited from covering their webcam during the proficiency test. Our inability to see candidates at any time during the exam may result in disqualification.

4. You are not allowed to leave your position during the aptitude test. We recommend that you prepare properly before starting the test.

5. During the aptitude test, for whatever reason, you are not permitted to click outside of the examination page or other applications on your computer, including system computers, outside of the test page. Deviation from part of the test may result in disqualification.

6. No one can be around you during the test, not even your family members. You will be disqualified if anyone is seen near you during the exam.

7. The proficiency test is 30 minutes long. The time starts counting down as soon as you click the start button and continues to count even if you finish before your 30 minutes are up.

8. When your time is up, your proficiency test will be sent automatically.

9. It is prohibited to use a mask or face covering during the test.

For support before and during the test, please call the following numbers: 08090931793, 08090931800, 08090931788 or by email: [email protected]

thank you

Admissions Office, University of Lagos, Graduate School

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