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2021 NYSC Exclution Letter Printing Guide [PT, NOUN, and DLC Graduates]

National Youth Service (NYSC) Exclusive letter for online registration and printing policies and procedures for part-time National Open University (NOUN) and Distance Learning (PT) graduates.

The National Youth Service Corps Management (NYSC) would like to inform all part-time graduates whose institutions have uploaded their records to the portal to apply online so that they can print their exemption letter on dashboard when PCM can print summons.

Exclusive online printing of letters from New York in 2021 is underway.

Note: Printing exclusion letter from registered person is also available on their dashboard after closing the portal.

An exemption letter is a letter addressed to graduates whose programs are legally barred from national service.

Registration Guidelines and Printing of Exclusive Letters from NYSC [PT, NOUN, and DLC Graduates]

They will follow the same process as those who are meant to serve or to be exempted. Below is a brief guideline.

Please ensure that your school submits your information to NYSC for upload to the NYSC registration portal. This list of graduates is known as the Senate List.
Once registration has started, you can apply online with NYSC. Fill in the exact same form (information) in the regular online registration, except you are not asked to select 4 application statuses.
After completing the online registration, you will not receive any documents (as these are not available for exempted applicants). Green cards are only given to participants.
You will return to print your termination letter when those serving print their summons.
Please note that at the time of this expulsion, the graduate must print this letter online while the service corps receives a postal service certificate.

Visit http://portal.nysc.org.ng
Scroll to the bottom of the page and click “Review Senate or Equivalent List” (http://portal.nysc.org.ng/nysc4/VerifySenateLists.aspx) to verify your details
Return to the homepage http://portal.nysc.org.ng
Click on “Mobilized Account”.
Click on “New Registration” to go to the next page (start account creation)
Enter the required details and click “Next”.
Verify your email address by clicking on the URL to confirm creation / registration of your NYSC account and continue
Enter the required details (select Partial to bypass JAMB rules), then click Submit and Continue.
You will be directed to the payment page (select the payment option you want).
Continue to make payments. (Payouts are usually less than N3000 naira, excluding cyber coffee fees.)
Check your dashboard to see if it is available for immediate printing or try again to print in a few days.

Thank you very much.

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