Ajayi Crowther University ACU issues an important notices to the Students

Ajayi Crowther University (ACU) hands-on exam and important reminders to students about COVID-19.

Students who have received travel authorization and have lived off-campus for more than two days are required to take a COVID-19 test upon return.

Students in this Categorie must be sent to the University Medical Center for testing and results will be provided on the same day.


1. Current students are not permitted on weekends and must arrive before 3:00 pm on Monday- Friday, to take the test.

2. Students must provide proof of payment of Naira 15,000 (Naira 15,000 only) for the Covid-19 test before entering the campus.

3. Students who do not provide a certificate of passing the COVID-19 test by the University of Health Service will not be admitted to the hostel.

Thank you very much.

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