FUOYE Postgraduate Admission Form (PG) 2020/2021

Forms for admission to postgraduate programs at Federal University of Oye-Ekiti (FUOYE), requirements, application guidelines and application deadlines for the 2020/2021 academic session.

Applications from candidates who qualify for admission to the school’s postgraduate program for the 2020/2021 academic session will be submitted as follows:


Admission requirements

(a) Ph.D DEGREE PROGRAMMES: These programs are available for Masters course holders with a minimum score of 60% in their Masters course.

A Ph.D. degree programme are completed for a minimum period of 36 calendar months and at most
a 48 calendar month term for full-time students OR a minimum term of 48 calendar months
and a maximum of 60 calendar months for part-time students.

Note that a suitable relevant course is taken for Ph.D studies including a supervised therein

(b) M.Phil / Ph.D. DEGREE PROGRAM: Applicants who score between 55.00% and 59.99% Grade Point Average (CGPA) at Masters level can apply for admission to the M.Phil / Ph.D. on a full time basis.

This program runs for 12 calendar months. After that, candidates who excel can move on to Ph.D programme.

Applicants in this category are qualify for conversion to Ph.D. Candidates for advancement
an assessment report prepared by a group of reviewers at the end of the first enrollment session.

Applicants must earn at least 60% (total) at the end of the first session to qualify for a PhD degree. Program.

(c) MASTER’S DEGREE PROGRAMMES: Applicants applying for a Master’s degree must have completed at least the second (lower) class of the Bachelor’s degree. The master course lasts at least one year (12 calendar months, i.e. two semesters) and a maximum of two years (24 calendar months, i.e. four semesters) for full-time applicants OR at least two (2) years (24 calendar months, i.e. four semesters) and a maximum 36 calendar months; (i.e. six semesters) for part-time candidates depending on department specifications. Apart from research papers / reports, all master courses are also study papers, which in the end will be written a dissertation.

(d) OTHER INFORMATION: Applicants must note that the program will end automatically after the maximum duration for each program has ended. However, applicants can apply for a maximum extension of 12 months.

Applicants for full-time employment must submit a formal resignation letter with their application
for postgraduate education issued by their employer.

All applicants who have not studied at the Federal University of Oye-Ekiti (FUOYE) must also
ask their former university or institution to send it directly to the school secretary
School of
Postgraduate Studies the academic transcripts of their First Degrees or Master’s degree with
respect to applicants for Master’s and Doctoral Degrees, respectively

Applicants must pay a total of fifteen thousand Naira (N15,000.00) via the REMITA MDA platform:
Federal University of Oye Ekiti- 1000134.
ACCOUNT NUMBER: 0320496861013


On the homepage of the Oye Federal University website, click on the Postgraduate Qualifications Portal. On the homepage that appears, click on the Application Guide and read it carefully.

Use your application number as username and MAIN NAME as your password. Enter your Application number with care, because your data cannot be displayed if error occurs.

Candidates must then click the OK button in the dialog box that appears and enter their names.

After logging in, click the Continue Registration link on the main menu.

Enter your other biodata and required information correctly on the website. All candidates must Upload their passport photo by clicking on the browse button and selecting your photo.
The passport photo cannot be more than 20 KB.

After the biodata is complete, click the Next Step button, then click OK in the message dialog box.

All candidates must complete the selected program, click Save, then click OK on the
Message dialog.

Once you have finished selecting programs, click on the Next Steps button.

Tuesday, June 1, 2021

Mr. Olatunbosun Odusanya

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