Ibarapa Poly Notice on ‘No School Fees, No Exam Policy’

Ibarapa Poly Notice on 'No School Fees, No Exam Policy'

Adeseun Ogundoyin Eruwa Polytechnic (formerly Eruwa Ibarapa Polytechnic) Important notice regarding the implementation of “No School Fees, No Exam Guidelines” to defaulting Students.
We would like to inform you that management insists that no student is allowed to take the second semester examination unless they have paid all mandatory fees.

Please note my report AOPE SAO.99 / 1/9 dated February 16, 2021 in which I inform you that those who do not pay tuition fees (tuition fees) will not take the upcoming exams for the second semester. At that time, the government asked the Student Union on behalf of all students to have more time to raise funds for administrators who kindly fulfill this request and expect seriousness and loyalty from all students.

Currently, nine weeks later, many students have not paid tuition fees.

Therefore, all students are encouraged to spend the next few days before the exam to pay for their tuition fees and improve their enrollment process.

To be forewarned is to be forearmed

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