JAMB notifies the Candidates not to accept illegal admission outside CAPS

Joint Admission and Matriculation Board (JAMB) Important notification to applicants for proposals for illegal admission outside the JAMB CAPS via institutional portals in Nigeria.

The Board said the era of justifying illegal licensing (regularization) was over.
The attention of the board of directors was on the alleged acceptance of applicants through the portals of several institutions. The council wanted to distinguish itself from such. This is a major abuse of the centralized admissions processing system (CAPS), which is a reliable way of entry to the undergraduate programs of all the higher institutions in the country. Institutions that provide admission outside of CAPS do so to circumvent the fair and equitable process that CAPS requires.

It should be noted that the Board of Directors has announced that they will end their condolences for illegal admissions starting in 2017. The Board of Directors makes it clear that any applicants who accept offers outside of CAPS do so at their own risk.

The Council reaffirms that Admissions to First Degree, National Certificate of Education (NCE), National Diploma (ND), and National Innovation Diploma, which are not included in official documents with the main letter on board or outside the CAPS, are invalid and void would not be condoned by JAMB.

The institutions were reminded again that admission outside the CAPS would jeopardize the participation of innocent candidates in the mandatory National Youth Service Corps without the need for mobilization or deployment requiring certification or board approval.

The institute is not permitted to publish entry lists that have not been approved by the CAPS. Therefore, publishing the whitelist before processing in the CAPS is incorrect and creates confusion as many of these confirmations are deemed inappropriate and must be withdrawn.

The case is a university that has a quota of 50 for LL.B programs but continues to offer admission and receives an admission fee of 350 LL.B applicants.

If the offer has been processed by the CAPS, it will not allow the abuse of the quota issued by the Legal Education Board.

The reversal of more than 300 candidates is now the subject of litigation between the university and the scum candidates.

The most unethical and heinous reason that many candidates will drop out in the first year is a combination of the immorality of the whole practice.

The Council also wishes to note that the era of legalizing or justifying illegal admissions is over.

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