JAMB warns Institutions over the act of offering unauthorized admission to the Candidates

The Joint Admission and Matriculation Board (JAMB) warned institutions not to offer unauthorized admission outside of JAMB CAPS and threatened to pursue corrupted institutions.

The attention of the Joint Admission and Matriculation Board (JAMB) is focused on public complaints about illegal admissions at several public universities.

According to JAMB, we have received complaints from the public that three public universities have developed an “admission” bidding method for applicants outside of the Central Admission Processing System (CAPS) on their self-appointed portal.

This device is a ruse to lure innocent and more qualified candidates from their favorite program.

“Offering” admissions to applicants from non-CAPS is a measure intentionally designed to encourage unsuspecting applicants to take a program (course) other than the program (course) they have selected.

The CAPS system was developed to:
i. prevent one-sided changes or the candidate’s offer of admission to another program (course) different from the one he chooses;

ii. prohibits an institution from jumping over a candidate with a higher ranking to select a candidate with a lower ranking;

iii. Allow an institution to recommend a replacement program for approval or disapproval by relatively low ranking candidates who were unlikely to get a place in the original program; and

iv. To allow low-ranking candidates in any program to drop out of the original program and be considered for high-ranking programs to be considered.

To circumvent the rights of candidates protected by JAMB CAPS from the list in each particular program, the highest-ranking candidates, institutions use their portal to convince and pressure innocent candidates or others to take courses and then change courses on the JAMB portal to new courses that are “offered” to them on their portal, or to psychologically harass applicants to receive a new course if their CAPS JAMB approval is subsequently granted.

JAMB wishes to demonstrate that tricks intended to usurp applicants’ rights are inappropriate and should be ignored by applicants.

All institutions that employ such tricks are risking the future of an illegally seeded and under-qualified candidate because the board will not approve or legalize such an unusual admission.

Any candidate who accepts an offer of entry outside of CAPS (i.e. not on the JAMB candidate profile) does so at their own risk.

There shall be no regularization of any irregular or condoning of illegal admission.

Appropriate attention will be paid to universities, which must immediately withdraw and stop these illegal activities.

From now on, such acts will be subject to appropriate sanctions.

The Council protects the rights of all eligible candidates, regardless of their social status.

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