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OAU issues an important warning to the Students in the Campus


The first group of students that were allowed into campus for the practical contents of their courses between Monday, 8th of March, 2021 and Friday, 26th of March are hereby reminded that they are *NOT* to be on campus after 26th of March, 2021.

These students are strongly advised that it is in their interest to comply with the directive to leave campus immediately.

The following are the practical contents courses;

1. Science – Parts 1 to 4
2. Pharmacy– Parts 1 to 4
3. BMS Parts 1 to 2 Nursing and 1 to 3 Med. Rehab
4. Clinical – Parts 1 to 3
5. Dentistry Parts 1 to 3
Education – Only students offering the following courses :
(I) IED337 – Experimental Chemistry for Secondary School Teachers I
(ii) IED435 – Experimental Physics for Secondary School Teachers II
(iii) IED231 – Foundations in Biological Science I
(IV) IED335 – General Biology I
Social Sciences – Only students offering the following courses:
(I) CSC201 – Introduction to programming
(ii) CSC221 – Computer Appreciation
All the students concerned with the above must COMPLY WITH COVID-19 PROTOCOLS.

Which means, all students who have finished doing the courses above are advised to leave the school with immediate effect.

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