UNILAG exam Misconduct and Sanction Penalties for the concerned Students

University of Lagos (UNILAG) Examination Misconduct/ Abuse: Sanctions and penalties for students violating the Code of Conduct [physical and online examinations] are appropriate.

The Management of the University of Lagos (UNILAG) publishes penalties / sanctions aligned for misconduct in physical and online verification.

At its meeting on Monday 29 March 2021, the University Senate of Lagos received, reviewed and approved SP № 2019/115, which contains Penalties / sanctions aligned for violating the process (physical and virtual). Activities that could cause problems with the facility.

UNILAG Exam Malpractice Penalties & Sanctions

The guidelines on online and physical examinations misconduct has been confirmed. The reviewed guidelines shall be forwarded to students .

1.Impersonation or Faking of Identities.Expulsion
2.Smuggling and Possession of Answer ScriptExpulsion
3.Destruction of unauthorized MaterialsExpulsion
4.Attacking or threatening InvigilatorsExpulsion
5.Plagiarism of ContentExpulsion
6.Tendering unauthentic (fake) documentExpulsion
7.Auto Coding Software and use of Team Viewer software to take control of students Computer remotely.Expulsion
8.Hacking of question bank/system resulting  to Content Leakage of questionsExpulsion
9.Screen sharing /Mirroring to other devices / Projectors of friends/classmates/family/experts  to cheatRustication: two (2) semesters
10.Cheating with Technological Devices/High-Tech Equipment e.g micro bluetooth powered devices- earbuds, augmented reality glasses, invisible smart watches, hard drives, USB among other thingsRustication: two (2) semesters
11.Use of Smartphones/Smart Devices and Mobile Education apps, to retrieve automated recommended answers.Rustication: two (2) semesters
12.Deliberate obstruction of Proctoring DeviceRustication: two (2) semesters
13.Presence of Family/Friends in Examination RoomRustication: two (2) semesters
14Screen sharing /Mirroring to other devices  and projectors of friends/classmates/family/experts  to cheatRustication: two (2) semesters
15.Indecent Dressing (Dressing that does not conform with University Dress Code)/NudityRustication: two (2) semesters
16.Smoking, drinking and other related vicesRustication: two (2) semesters, and Referral to Students Disciplinary Board for Drugs and Drug-Related Offences.
17.Failure to submit answer scriptRustication: two (2) semesters
18.Possession and Copying from jottings of relevant materials on body parts/devicesRustication: two (2) semesters
19.Possession and Copying from unauthorized/written materialsRustication: two (2) semesters 
20.Aiding and Abetting others to copyRustication: two (2) semesters
21.Refusal to submit offending materialsRustication: two (2) semesters
22.Collaborative CopyingRustication: two (2) semesters
23.Refusal to Complete Examination Misconduct FormsRustication: two (2) semesters
24.Unauthorized communication1st Timer: Warning2nd Timer: Rustication: One (1) semester
25.Disruptive Behavior1st Timer: Warning2nd Timer: Rustication: One (1) semester
26.Influencing Examination Official1st Timer: Warning2nd Timer: Rustication: One (1) semester
27.Unauthorized Changing of Sitting Position1st Timer: Warning2nd Timer: Rustication: One (1) semester
28.Possession of mobile telephone(s) and other devices in the examination hall, either in use or not.Rustication: One (1) semester
29.Taking examination in an environment that does not conform with the University Guidelines for Virtual Examination (For example: Writing of examinations in public/private transport, noisy areas etc)Rustication: One (1) semester
30.Disobeying Examination Instructions1st Timer: Warning2nd Timer: Rustication: One (1) semester
31.RecidivismExpulsion (Except cases listed in 25 – 28 above)
32Failure to appear before the Misconduct PanelSuspension for 2 semesters after which non-appearance leads to Expulsion
33Other related acts of Examination Misconduct not specifically stated*Penalty shall be determined based on the recommendation of the Misconduct Panel.

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