2021 NHEF annual Scholarship Essay Competition Form

2021 NHEF annually Scholarship Essay Competition Form
Nigerian Higher Education Foundation 2021 NHEF annually Scholarship Essay Competition Form, Eligibility, Requirements, Contest Prize, Essay Topic, Application Form Guide and 2021 Session Deadline
The Nigerian Higher Education Foundation (NHEF) is proud to announce its 6th annual Essay Scholarship Competition.

This year’s competition aims to provide a platform that encourages Nigerian students to reflect critically and strategically on current issues critical to Nigeria’s sustainable growth and development.

Given the COVID-19 pandemic, this edition of the competition will focus on “The Role of Digital Technology in the Nigerian Higher Education System”.

We encourage motivated students from all NHEF partner universities to apply and look forward to your contribution.

Question for 2021 NHEF annually Scholarship Essay Competition Form

The COVID-19 pandemic has dismantled global conventions and most notably impacted the activities of higher education institutions. Adapting to a new stay-at-home landscape, global education systems have responded with digitally innovative methods of teaching and learning that will redefine the future of classroom training.

Using relevant examples, critically analyze the role of digital technology in transitioning higher education in Nigeria to a post-pandemic system.

Requirements for 2021 NHEF annually Scholarship Essay Competition Form

All students from NHEF partner universities are eligible to enter the essay competition.
NHEF’s partner universities include Ahmadu Bello University, Bayero University (Kano), University of Ibadan, University of Lagos, University of Nigeria (Nsukka) and University of Port Harcourt.
The class of holders of the 2020 NHEF scholarships are not eligible to enter this competition.
Students enrolled in penultimate year are either third year students in third-year undergraduates of a 4-year degree program or fourth-year undergraduates of a 5-year degree program. The NHEF will verify each participant’s registration with a university registrar.

Awards for 2021 NHEF annually Scholarship Essay Competition Form

The winner of the 2021 Essay Contest Grand Prix will receive #100,000, a laptop with one year’s paid tuition.
The first runner-up will get a cash prize of #75,000 yen plus tuition fees.
The second runner-up will receive #50,000 plus tuition fees.

  • The online certification fee must exceed $ 100 for Udemy, Coursera, Alison, or EDX.

** Annual internet subscription rated at 24 GB on the winner’s selected mobile network.

2021 NHEF annually Scholarship Essay Competition Form Essay Criteria & Submission Procedure

All essays must meet the following competition rules before submission:
Only one essay can be sent per students
No literary form other than essays are accepted;
The essay should reflect the athlete’s ability to explore and discuss ethical ideas and concepts.
The essay should show sufficient detail in the conduct of the research and a summary;
Articles may contain a maximum of 2000 words, double spacing (12pt Times New Roman) and numbered pages with one inch margins, excluding bibliographies and title pages.
Submitted essays must include a title page, bibliography, and scanned copies of current student documents.
Essay title must be saved as NHEF Essay Contest 2021 – candidate name
The name, university and student identification number must appear in the title area of ​​every page.
References in articles should be clearly included and identified;
Applications must be submitted in PDF format.
All entries must be emailed to essay@thenhef.org by 28 May 2021 23:59 (WAT).

Students are encouraged to learn rules to avoid plagiarism because essays are checked for intellectual authenticity.

2021 NHEF annually Scholarship Essay Competition Form terms and conditions

Scholarships and award funds are permanently lost if the student:

  1. Not attending an eligible NHEF partner university;
    Winners will be announced via media channels (NHEF Facebook account, NHEF Instagram account, NHEF Twitter account and NHEF website).
    2. Winners will be contacted using the communication method specified at the time of application.
    According to media reports, the NHEF will make reasonable efforts to contact the winners.
    3. If you do not claim any prize within 30 DAYS from the announcement date, you will automatically lose your winnings. The student is found to have provided false or misleading information when applying for the award.
    4. Students do not provide documentation to resolve errors or inconsistencies regarding information related to their claims found after selection.
    5. Unsatisfactory academic status / probation leads to immediate withdrawal.

Papers submitted become the property of the NHEF.
The NHEF can reprint articles in the media and their publications.
Suitable citations are given to all authors.

NOTE: Registration will be verified with the university registrar.

For more information, please visit https://www.thenhef.org/news-events/6th-an Year-Scholarship-Essay-Competition /.

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