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UTME / DE 2021: JAMB Considers Options For Candidates Who Cannot Register

UTME / DE 2021: JAMB Considers Options For Candidates Who Cannot Register

Issues On Utme 2021 Registration: Options
Available For Prospectives Candidates Who Wanted To Register
but Couldn’t.

It should be noted that the Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board JAMB announced on Saturday 15 May 2021, after meeting with interest groups and under pressure from community leaders and groups, a two-week extension of registration from 2021 UTME / DE from Saturday has 15 to Saturday, 29 May 2021.

Unfortunately, the number of applicants has dropped dramatically since the extension of the new deadline. On the new last day (29 May 2021) one million three hundred eighty-three thousand four hundred and twenty
(1,383 420)

The applicant buys a registration PIN of one million three hundred seventy-five thousand six hundred ninety-four (1,375,694) completing the registration. However, there are still complaints about the inability to register due to delays or not delivering the NIN verification code.
Inability to obtain NIN; Inconsistencies or errors in the name originally sent to NIMC (which is different from the one used to register with JAMB), etc.

Although very few of these reasons have been proven to be real, most of them are due to the actions of the scammer
willing to tamper with the system and avoid a deliberate decision by the federal government to make NIN a JAMB registration requirement.

Due to the time limit in time available for JAMB in the annual national audit plan, no extension of the registration period is possible.

However, the Board of Directors still wants to take advantage of the opportunity so that every candidate can take part in registration in 2021.

Nevertheless, the Board is desirous of availing every prospective candidate the opportunity to still participate in the 2021 registration exercise.

If you register before the application deadline, you will need to visit one of the joint admissions offices and due dates (including JAMB, PTC professional testing centers) across the country between Monday 31 May and 15 June 2021 to:

I. Receiving free of charge and filling out the form provided to applicants with the real reason not to register.

ii. Submit a certified banking project from N4000 (for reading test and application) only for the purposes of the Joint Admission and Matriculation Board (JAMB) (and receive a signed copy from the office)

iii. Send the completed form with a photo of your current passport to the same billing office.

iv. Collect reading test copies

v. Please wait until 9:00 pm by registered telephone number and public notification for further instructions. NTA Network NEWS soon after
Playback is complete.

Therefore, the Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board reaffirms the following:

I. No registration for UTME / DE 2021 without a properly received NIN which needs to be verified / validated by NIMC.

ii. Anyone who submits a different application after successfully registering during the previous registration period will be excluded from both attempts.

iii. Any false request will result in severe penalties, including confiscation
deposited bank accounts, cancellations
Applications, law enforcement, etc.

iv. Due to the fact that some parents and school owners are misleading the plaintiffs for illegal gain and personal privileges, the board advises everyone to allow each candidate to pass privately.

JAMB does not accept the involvement of any third party or group during the registration process.

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