ASUP awaits government’s offer to call off strike

ASUP Strike Update Today 2021: ASUP Awaits Government’s Offer To Call Off Strike.

Two weeks after the ASUP Polytechnic Academic Union reached an agreement with the government on a number of issues that could stop the ongoing union strike, the federal government has yet to take part in the deal the amount N 19 billion to cover some of the arrears.

As the national leadership of the unions said that the strikes that began on April 6 this year will continue.

In an interview with our correspondent on Sunday, ASUP national president Comrade Anderson Ezeybe said that the lifting of the strike was complete because the government was doing what was needed.

When we met with the government team about two weeks ago, it was agreed that a number of funds would be immediately disbursed to do certain things. In particular, N 15 billion was allocated for revitalization funds. The amount N 4 billion is intended for the payment of new minimum wage arrears of our members.

“Our members have a 10 month delay in the new minimum wage. The government then used the language that the funds would be disbursed soon. And if someone says immediately, it means immediately. Two weeks later, nothing was done.

“The government’s proposal has been submitted to the National Executive Committee and approved. If the government pays the money now, we will end the strike. Well, we don’t know what to do this new week, even though we have two days off during the week.

“One of our demands, namely the formation of boards of directors for polytechnics, especially for federal authorities, has been met. In our opinion, our demands are still within the limits that the government can carry out. At least we’ve seen some of the sister unions responding to these demands have reacted, “he said.

Ezeibe noted that this problem must be addressed by the government immediately so that this sector can move forward.

Recall that ASUP members went on strike on April 6 this year due to several issues the union wanted to solve by the government.

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