NABTEB 2021/2022 general entrance exam registration form

NABTEB 2021/2022 general entrance exam registration form National General Entrance Examination (NCEE) at Federal / State Schools of Science and Technology in Nigeria Application Form, Application Guide, Entrance Exams and Completion Date for Academic Session 2021/2022.

Application forms for the NABTEB 2021/2022 general entrance exam for all federal / state universities of natural sciences and engineering are now available. Online registration for NABTEB NCEE has started in May 2021.

NABTEB 2021/2022 general entrance exam registration form

The National Council for Business and Technical Examinations – NABTEB has started selling forms for taking the National General Entrance Examination to Federal / State Sciences and Technology Colleges in Nigeria. Registration for the 2021/2022 academic session.

Parents and guardians who wish to have their wards at various science and technology colleges in Nigeria to attend technical and vocational education and training programs are advised to register once registration has started.

NABTEB 2021/2022 general entrance exam registration form Online registration / scratch card sales will start in May 2021.

A. Engineering Trades [NTC]
Agric Equip. & Impl. Mech. Works
Motor Vehicle Mechanics Works
Automobile Electrical Works
Electrical Installation & Maintenance Works
Fabrication and Welding
Mechanical Engineering Craft Practice
Electronics Works
Refrigerator and Air-Conditioning Works
Vehicle Body and Building
Light Vehicle Body Repair Works
Instrument Mechanics Works
Appliance Maintenance and Repairs
Foundry Craft Practice
Computer Craft Studies
Animal Husbandry
Photographic Practice

B. Construction Trades [NTC]
Bricklaying / Blocklaying and Concreting
Carpentry and Joinery
Furniture Making
Machine Woodworking
Painting and Decorating
Plumbing and Pipe-Fitting
Draughtsmanship Craft Practice.

C. Miscellaneous Trades [NTC]
Men’s Garment Making
Ladies Garment Making
Catering Craft Practice
Leather Trades
Printing Craft Practice
Textile Trades
Graphic Arts

D. Business Trades [NBC]
Secretarial Studies

NABTEB 2021/2022 general entrance exam registration form Admission requirements
Minimum Secondary Education Certificate (JSSC) or equivalent, eg. Pg 75.
Middle School Certificate (SSSC) or GCE (0 / L).
Completion of Teacher Certificate II (TCII)
Applicants with higher qualifications but interested in technical training can also apply.

The exam consists of two parts:
Paper I – Vocational Aptitude Test
Paper II – Vocational Preference Survey

Parents are advised to visit one of the locations listed below to purchase a registration pin for only one thousand naira [N1000].

  1. All federal / state science and technology colleges in Nigeria
  2. Ministry of State Education
  3. Public Science / Technical School Board in Nigeria
  4. NABTEB offices throughout the country

NABTEB 2021/2022 general entrance exam registration form Registration instructions
Make sure your passport is 160 x 200 pixels and less than 30 KB
Click the “Apply” link
Enter the PIN code and serial number that you received from the scratch card you purchased
Fill in the form that appears and submit
Download and print the Personal Information Form.
Send the completed personal data form to the place where you purchased the scratch card

What not to do on the portal
Don’t use a card that has already been used for another candidate
Do not enter an invalid email address to send results as you will be penalized by reducing your card usage.

The national public college entrance examination will be announced at all federal / state colleges of science and technology in Nigeria

Online registration / registration pins sales are expected to expire at a later date.

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