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Teachers in Niger State go on indefinite strike

TEACHERS IN NIGER STATE GO ON INDEFINITE STRIKE The Niger State Department of the Nigeria Union of Teachers (NUT) announced an indefinite strike on May 4, 2021 because the state government was unable to meet union requirements after the previous strike that took place last February ended.

The union made the statement in a statement made available to journalists in Mina on Monday 3 April, stating that the strike was announced on April 30, 2021, following the decision of the NUT State Working Committee.

Teachers in Niger State go on strike indefinitely
The declaration was signed jointly by the President of the Union, Ibrahim Umar; Deputy Secretary General of NUT Labaran Garba; ANCOPS President Ahmed Jafaar and OPSHON President Fatima Abdullahi Kutigi called for the immediate restoration of the final five month well program, cuts for unpaid members and membership dues / payments, and security for all schools in the state.

A further requirement is the direct application of a minimum wage of N 30,000 for elementary school teachers of level 7; Payment of salaries from October 2020 to teachers in primary schools and refund of salary deductions in April 2021 to all teachers.

The union also noted that teachers at all levels of government were always treated as second-class citizens and stressed that the situation will not continue.

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