Teachers Recruitment 2021 Date And Interview for Applicants

Teachers Recruitment 2021 Date, interview, and requirements for Applicants

This is to inform the applicants, especially those who have earned 35% or more in the examination that, the Proficiency (Oral) Interview, will start on Monday 17 May 2021 in the Designated centers.

Requirements for Teachers Recruitment 2021 Date And Interview for Applicants

The interview consists of two stages. For senior high schools, recruitment (either first-degree or NCE) who scored 40% or more will attend between Monday 17 May and Thursday 3 June 2021.

For primary school recruitment, candidates with NCE MAXIMUM QUALIFICATIONS who scored between 35% and 39% will be interviewed between Monday, 7 June and Thursday, 24 June 2021.

Teachers Recruitment 2021 Date And Interview guidelines

Applicants must bring the following documents to the interview:
i. Degree Certificate
ii. NYSC Certificate
iii. PGDE Certificate
iv. NCE
v. TRCN Certificate (where available)
vi. Basic Education Certificate (JSS 3 Certificate)
vii. Local Government of Origin Attestation
viii. Birth Certificate or Court Declaration of Age.
ix. One National Identification Card (Driver’s License, Voter’s Card, International Passport e.t.c)

In addition, the time, date and center are notified via SMS. Applicants can also search for the above information on their portal.

Thank you very much.

DISCLAIMER: The previous public announcement of the Teachers Requirements 2021 did not come from the Ministry of Education, please ignore it.

K.K. Olanian (woman),
Coordinating Director.

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