List of Airtel data cheat 2021/2022 [UPDATED DAILY]

List of Airtel data cheat 2021/2022 [TESTED AND CONFIRMED]

Here in this article, we will tell you more about the list of available Airtel data cheat for 2021/2022, Airtel cheap data plans 2021/2022, Code for free airtel data plans, and much more information. We also update this post daily if there are new cheat codes for Airtel SIM cards. So you should check it every time you want to surf online for free.

NOTE: Not all of these cheats will work for you, some SIM cards support it while others don’t. So don’t be upset if the cheat doesn’t work for you. There are several reasons why data cheat sometimes don’t work, or they work for some users and don’t work for some. In the following, let me briefly highlight a few reasons to alert you if some cheats don’t work for you;

  • The process is not done well.
  • SIM card problem [not compatible with cheat].
  • Device problem [not compatible with cheat or obsolete device] It should be noted that some latest Airtel data cheat is caused by their version [old version like version 2, 4, 5, 6, 7. will not work for some outdated devices, 8] NOTE: That’s not to say cheat won’t completely work for you, but you should be aware of this fact if it doesn’t work.
  • Problems with tariff plans. Some cheats don’t work on some tariff plans especially in this Airtel data cheat.

Well, I can’t call this division a full Airtel data cheat but, it is just a normal word we are fond of using in term GSM on the internet. So let’s proceed!

Airtel data Cheat 60GB for N1500

This is a cheat for cheap Airtel data plans that give you 6 gigabytes for just 1500 naira to download your favorite things online.

This cheat works perfectly on smartphones running Android, iPhone, PC, Mac, and others, but it’s selective.

It means; This Airtel data cheat codes work on some SIM cards and don’t work on others.

Yes, new customers whose SIM card is less than 3 months old benefit from this.

But that should limit you, right? You can try it as a long time customer and luckily it can work for you.

In the meantime, I suggest you check the eligibility of your SIM card before recharging your N1500 account.

How to check if you qualify for  Airtel 6GB data plan for N1500.

It is important to check if you meet the requirements so that you don’t spend your money and end up using it for nothing.

To do so;

  • Open your phone to make a call. It is also known as your call app, which is usually installed on all smartphones.
  • Dial *141*1504#. airtel free data fraud code After opening the calling app, enter *141*1504# and send it to your network provider.
  • You should get a message that reads; “Dear customer, you do not have enough credit to enjoy this offer. Please reload and try again later.

If you receive the above message in response, it means you are eligible for this plan. Yes! You are ready for this free Airtel data cheat.

Meanwhile, when you receive; “You are not eligible for this offer” or other similar offers, meaning that you are not one of the customers selected to take advantage of this plan.

Now, let’s move on quietly if you qualify.

How to activate the Airtime 6GB data cheat code

  1. Open your phone to make a call. This is the default calling app installed on your smartphone.
  2. Just dial *141*1504#. Enter the airtel data cheat code and send it to your network provider. After this action, you will receive a message from Airtel confirming that you have received 6 gigabytes of data.
  3. Do you understand? Congratulations, check your balance.
  4. Just press *140# to check credit. Free Airtel data cheat code
  5. This package is valid for 7 days, i.e. if data remains unused (regardless of volume), you will lose it.

Airtel data cheat 2021/2022 [DATA PLANS]

Mr. Armed Modules, Chief Commercial Officer of Airtel Nigeria, explained that the plan was created to create room for more advancements and opportunities for customer success, as well as strengthen mobile broadband.

This of course helps more startups and young entrepreneurs use their services.

And to make it even more interesting, he adds that the data can be shared with coworkers, friends, and family members.

But hey, this plan is airtel’s official unlimited plan, known as unlimited 10, unlimited 15, and unlimited 20, and costs N10,000, N15,000, and N20,000 for a 30 day subscription.

How to get Airtel Unlimited Data Package for Airtel N100?

Airtel unlimited data plan for 100 naira

The plans in this section are endless. This is just the name of the telecommunications company airtel. However, if you need an unlimited data package, please subscribe to the N10,000 package by dialing *462*10#. Valid for 30 days.

Let me introduce you to the Airtel Unlimited Package which gives you great data with cheap price

Yes, below is a list of cheat codes for subscribing to airtel 100 naira which still works.

Airtel 40 MB for N100.

Just press *440*18# to activate this package.

You will get 40 megabytes after dialing the used code and the sum of 100 naira will be dedicated from your account balance.

And you have 24 hours to use this Airtel data cheat for 100 naira.

Airtel 1GB for N100

Just press *474*1# to activate.

This plan is part of Airtel’s data plan for the weekend where you can surf, chat and connect with loved ones after a busy day.

The airtel plan gives you 1 gigabyte to watch from Saturday 12:00 to Sunday at 11:59 pm for 100 naira.

To subscribe, simply dial *474# and reply 1 to get started or use the quick code above.

How to check data balance:

Just dial *140# and you will immediately receive your account balance information.

Vital Records:

Keep in mind that this is a weekend schedule, which means your shopping data will only work or be used on weekends.

With this in mind, you should also understand that whenever you subscribe to airtel 1gb with 100 naira (either Friday, Saturday or Sunday), your data will be deleted at 23:59 on Sunday. So you get 1 GB Airtel with 100 Naira.

Take a look at how I transfer airtime on MTN so fast and easy!

Airtel WiFi data cheat codes

Another quickest way to spoof the Airtel network for a data plan is to purchase their WiFi data plan for your line.

As the name suggests, Airtel WiFi data plans only work on hotspots and WiFi connections. This means that if you purchase this package from Airtel through your connection (SIM card), you can only use the Internet if you are using an Airtel MIFI device.

Meanwhile, Airtel’s WiFi data cheat code is *370#. That means, just plug Airtel into your phone, then dial *370# and follow the step by step instructions.

For five thousand naira, you can subscribe to a 20 GB WiFi data plan on the Airtel network that lasts for a month.

And it looks like Airtel’s WiFi data cheat code is very cheap because if you subscribe to an Airtel data plan with *140#, 20GB can cost you up to sixteen thousand naira per month.

Airtel Data Reverse (Airtel Data Cheat 2021/2022)

This is a trend, you enjoy reverse data. Get the value of your subscription over and over again.

See how it works…

If you buy a data plan, let’s say a 1GB plan. You can reverse it and get double or triple the value. This will convert the 1 GB data plan you purchased into 2 GB.

Learn how to get your Airtel data back

Follow below steps to enjoy free surf scam for airtel airtel 2021. This is also a cheat code for airtel 3g.

Requirements for this Airtel data cheat

Phone or modem
SIM card 3g, Lite or 4g Lite

If you want to enjoy this, subscribe to one of the Airtel data plans, just dial * 141 * number #.

Allow messages to appear, see. Using only bonus data, be careful not to use purchased base data.

After 24 hours, dial 1216#. Your airtime is restored and the airtime restores to the main balance.

Now you can go ahead and subscribe to a new plan. Use the bonus data and repeat the process.

You can follow this process to continue enjoying Airtel Free Browsing Cheats

Social package from Airtel N100 Just dial *948*1# to subscribe

This package is known as the Airtel All Social data plan.

In this package, you can connect with your loved ones via WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram and also browse several supported browsers like UC browser, Opera mini and others.

To activate this package:

  • First, charge your line with the N100.
  • Dial *948# and answer 1 to continue.
  • You will see a pop-up message below telling you how successful your operation was. Instead, you may be notified of certain showtimes (i.e., when you don’t have enough time to purchase a package).
  • Weekly Opera Package for N100
  • Yes, with this plan you have instant access to view and download your favorite things on Opera mini.

Apart from that, you can also chat on popular social media platforms.

You used to get 600MB for N100 on this plan, but for now the game has changed.

From my experience, I noticed that this package works very well on WhatsApp and Facebook. So you can set how much access you have. Go ahead and activate the 100 naira airtel data cheat on my list.

To subscribe to this package:

  • Just dial *885*3# to get started.
  • You can also do this step by step:
  • Dial *885# then answer 3 to activate Opera’s weekly schedule.
  • Alternatively, you can also register via SMS:
  • Send WOB to 885 to activate the package.

As the name suggests, weekly Opera Bundle. This means that your subscription is valid for 7 days.

And after the specified time limit, you will be denied direct access to surf with Operamini unless you log in again.

How to check data balance:

  • Just dial *885*0# to view your database details.
  • Airtel unlimited social plan for N100
  • Just press *688*3# to activate this package.
  • This package will allow you to chat on social media and connect with friends.

For just 100naira, you have 100MB to search Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Skype, WhatsApp, LinkedIn and more.

While it’s fun, this pack also works in the Operamini browser.

(Same browser again?)

To subscribe to this package:

  • Just dial *688# and answer “3” or dial the fast USSD code above.
  • And to check the available data balance:
  • Just *885*0# or *140# and you will receive your account balance data as soon as possible.

Quick bonus for Airtel unlimited data plan for N100

I have two cheap data plans for you and guess what? They are under N100.

This plan gives you massive amounts of data with little or no money spent on airtime.

First, you must use Airtel SmartTrybe to be able to participate in awoof data.

And to migrate Airtel SmartTrybe:

  • Just dial *312# and answer 1 to get started.
  • In this package you will get:
  • 500 MB for 25 naira
  • 1.5 GB for 50 naira
  • And to subscribe to this cheap data rate, please use the quick code to activate the airtel smarttrybe tariff.

Now, the next division is what we call the real Airtel data Cheat because you will not spend a dime to browse online for free using an Airtel SIM card.

Airtel data cheat 2021/2022

In this section, we will share Airtel data cheat with NapsternetV, also known as Napsternet VPN. This cheat really works now.

If you’re looking for the latest configuration files to get NapsternetV working for your Airtel VPN cheat, you’ve come to the right place.

We encourage you to sit down and read this article. Skipping a step can cause connectivity issues when using Airtel 2021 free browsing cheat.

Airtel configuration file for NapsternetV to browse Airtel 2021 for free. Download the NapsternetV on playstore.

We’ve got everything set up so you don’t have to make any adjustments. All you have to do is import the Airtel 0.0K configuration file. We will publish about this below.

The NapsternetV configuration file is updated. We advise you to bookmark this page.

 (download here)

Click the plus + icon located at the top of the app.

Now click Import npv2 configuration file.

Find the folder where you saved or downloaded the file

Now click on file

How to activate Airtel data Cheat [NAPSTERNET V]

Slot your Airtel into your phone

Open Napsternet V and find the folder where you saved your free the file

Import Airtel files for free

Now click start

Once connected, it means you have activated Airtel 2021 free surfing.

Airtel data cheat 2021/2022

New free browsing update for Airtel Nigeria enjoy daily free 500 MB on your 0.0k mobile SIM. This new Airtel 500MB 0.0k Daily cheat is the latest from November 2021. Read on to learn how to set up and configure a charging VPN for Airtel data cheat.

We recently released a post for the list of free Mtn data cheat to surf any website or app for free without buying any data.

Today I will share with you the Airtel settings and configuration settings for free surfing on Airtel with 500 MB free data on 0.0k Sim for November 2021 update.

Airtel data cheat 2021/2022 necessary requirements

  • Airtel 0.0k SIM
  • 4G or 3G sim is preferred
  • VPN app
  • Strong and stable network
  • Settings for Airtel 500mb Free Browsing cheat 0.0k November 2021

Follow the steps to set up your VPN app so you can enjoy free 500MB daily data on Airtel Nigeria.

  1. Download VPN APK from play store known as “Stark VPN”
  2. Install and open the app.
  3. Click the No option and the box directly at the top.
  4. Below is a list of update settings.
  5. Click Update Settings to load a list of cheats servers.
  6. After the configuration update is successful, select Airtel 500 MB daily from the list.
  7. Click the Connect button and wait for the success message.
  8. Congratulations, you can now enjoy 0.0k free data.

Additional Information about Airtel data cheat for this section

To use more than 500MB per day, you will need to get another Airtel mobile SIM card to use with the VPN app and follow the setup and configuration guide above, or wait until the next day to use the same SIM again in order to use it. 

If you need help or assistance, please leave a comment.

Airtel data cheat 2021/2022 

However, you will need a VPN called ha Tunnel and the configuration file you imported to enjoy this free unlimited browsing data from Airtel.

But that doesn’t matter, this guide will tell you everything you need to know about the method and configuration file with Ha tunnel app download link.

Ha Tunnel VPN is a regular VPN and it works just like any other VPN you might have used for free browsing or tunneling apps and we are going to use it to enjoy Airtel Unlimited Data Cheats on our phones.

Have you checkout the list of MTN data cheat 2021/2022

Airtel Data Cheat Requirements

Below is everything you need to start enjoying the Airtel Unlimited Free Surf cheat that you get in this guide, scan it and follow the instructions that come with it.

1. HA tunnel The ultimate free cheat browsing app, download link will be given later in this guide.

2. Ha Tunnel Airtel data cheat file. The files we’ll be importing to enjoy free browsing, download links and instructions on how to import can be found in the next section of this guide.

3. Airtel SIM card without airtime or data. The SIM card must be registered and active.

4. Internet connection with normal speed.

Now that you know all the requirements, let’s move on to the detailed information on how to enjoy unlimited free surfing cheat on Airtel.

How to activate 2021/2022 Airtel data Cheat

Follow the instructions below and enjoy surfing the internet for free using Airtel sim card with a VPN app.

1. Download and install the Ha Tunnel VPN app.

2. Click here to download the ha-tunnel configuration file and proceed to the next step.

3. Now, Click here to download the latest ha-tunnel configuration file for airtel data cheat which has just been uploaded and is running fine at the time of this manual update.

4. After installing the ha tunnel application and downloading the configuration file, open the ha tunnel application.

Import files to the tunnel ha

Option to import files

5. Click the three white dots in the upper right corner of the application and select Import/Export as shown in the photo above.

6. On the next screen, select Import and the app will ask you to access your phone file manager or click Allow.

6. Find the ha-tunnel configuration file that you downloaded in step 2 above.

7. Click the configuration file to select it and it will be imported into the application.

8. Now click on the Connect button and wait for the app to establish a connection.

9. As soon as the application is successfully connected, you can now minimize the application and surf the Internet for free.

10. It’s all about the latest Airtel data cheat. You can use free airtel data for all apps and websites.

Note: Make sure you have enough storage on your phone to enable the VPN app [Ha tunnel] to work perfectly with disconnecting when using the free airtel data cheat.

If any of the Airtel data Cheat or Plan is not working for you, let’s us know in the comment section.

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